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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh My, Oh My!

I hit one button too many. There I was, deciding to change my blog to three columns instead of two. Well, I didn't have much success with the new blogger design, so I thought I'd try the google method. It was going along so good, I went in and changed the Html (or whatever that is called). It all made perfect sense. Wha-la, I finished. Saved my changes. Went to check .... only two columns. It didn't look bad, but it was still two columns. Went back to where I made the changes and thought, oh I'm just going to go back to my original look....pressed this other button that said go back to classic look (I guess i didn't originally have the classic look) so I pressed it and went to check again. ..... and YUK, I almost cried, I did gasp....then just laughed. What was I thinking ....I have never seen such an ugly looking blog....oh my, now what am I going to do. It's late, I'm tired and I feel like the colour of my blog .........green

I thought this picture would go well with the look of the new blog. Drawn by my daughter, ali.


  1. Hi Carol!
    You and me too...I spent the best part of the evening, and now it's 1.20am, playing with the changes blogger brought in...aieieie.. It got so confusing and convoluted that in the end I went back to the original template, at least for tonight! By the way, that is one adorable Picture!!!...See you on the Flying Lessons page!

    San Antonio,TX

  2. You can do it! I just changed my blog to 3 column by myself ... and I'm no techie! Somehow my blog has this design button on it now and that walks you through all kind of changes. I think you choose the Simple template...but then you can customize color choices, columns... I'm sending you a link that might help with explanations...let me know if you need help. I'm horrible at explaining how I do these things (since it's somewhat accidental!)...Good luck!


  3. Carol the page looks great!!!
    I like it much!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog...

    I'm going back to have another go at my page now..eheh...

    Catch you on the flying pages! ;o)

  4. hi carol.
    popping over from flying lessons.
    my dear friend kolleen from heartwingsisters did the exact thing only she lost EVERYTHING and about nearly passed out.
    gratefully she figured it out and found all her lost treasures.
    now her 3 column blog is downright wonderful...so i am going to have her give me a tutorial so i don.t end up with the same green face...
    im adding myself to your followers and see many sweet faces whom i love already there...it.s wonderful isn.t it.
    happy flying.

  5. Oh Carol! You blog looks so lovely now! I would have never known the heart ache it took to get here-WELL DONE! -Robin