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Monday, September 28, 2009


Well here I am at a favourite coffee shop of mine,"Frankly Coffee". I'm stepping out...blogging outside the home, in public. I was a little nervous at first and a little apprehensive to drag my laptop into the shop. But here I am, just like all the other laptop users.....and I have survived! Isn't technology wonderful.
Well, my weekend went by with avengence again. Not much crafting done, but I did almost finish up the decorations I discovered burried deep in my studio.
I'll be finishing up a few more toques this week, experiementing with a new style of wheat bag and putting together a few pillows.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Discoveries of Days Gone By

A happy discovery in my studio.
Left over decorations I didn't quite finish for the last craft sale I did 6 years ago.
Yey, somewhere to start!
I think a few of these little guys will be a nice compliment with the toques I will be selling.
Well, I better be off to put some personality into these cute little morsels

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Working Weekend

Spent most of the day yesterday in my sewing room trying to construct my sketches into Christmas Decorations. It was a difficult day. My new studio that I had moved from it's original space and now so organized has become a bit of a nightmare. I can't find anything! I was brought to tears at one time as I couldn't find my fabric paints. They weren't in the cupboard they had been for the last 15 years. Oh boy, now where do I search. Well, after many prayers to St. Anthony (he's our Patron Saint of lost items) I ended up finding them barried deep in the storage room in an old dresser drawer. I couldn't believe I found them. But then of course.....I could hardly get anything out they were so dried up......who even uses fabric paints anymore....I mean the ones in the tubes. It was starting out to be not a very good day.
I went on to another idea. I did a drawing on a piece of watercolour paper, trimmed the edges with fabric. It was looking quite cute but needed something more. I found an old can of spray glitter. Sprayed it all over and thought wow not too bad. Then right before my eyes.....the black felt sharpie I used to outline it, ran. I was at a loss. Ready to throw in the towel. I used to do 100's of decorations for craft fairs. They came so easily. I guess I have to be a little more patient and not try so hard.
I did have a wonderful break in the afternoon though. A friend from my past phoned to say she was in town and had a couple of hours for a visit. We met down town at my favourite coffee shop. We chatted non-stop for two hours. So much to catch up on. Janice shares my love of sewing and is a very talented quilter and dress maker. After our visit I was recharged and was ready to start today with new found creative energy.
I found a few items I had started for my last craft sale 6 years ago and decided I will finish them off before I start anything new. It will give me some confidence and a feeling of accomplishment. I need that right now.
That's were I am off to right now.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Days Off

I took two days off this week from my full time job leading into the long weekend. 5 days off in a row to stay home, prepare and to set in place the rebirth of my creative journey. Heavenly bliss.
Each of the first two days started off with coffee dates with two dear friends who support and inspire me. What a perfect way to start my day.
The first day I got my sewing room organized and up and running. Oh how I love all my material and special little collections of things. I haven't been down here for so long. I actually picked up some of my favourite fabrics and gave them all a hug. It's good to be back.
I do most of my knitting at night, so I will be down in my special room in the day. I've decided to add a few things to the craft fair inventory besides Toques. Some christmas decorations and pillows just to keep things balanced. I can only knit so much.
I did get a little distracted and had to do a little sketch for my journal. The subject matter is wearing one of the toques I knit so I thought it was ok to go off on a bit of a tangent.
Right now my windows really are all open and it feels amazing.
Back to my room to make my first christmas decoration demo for 2009.