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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kelly Lish's Give Away......oh lucky me!!!


What a incredible feeling I had when I checked my comments tonight and there was one from Kelly Lish.

Oh lucky me! I am the winner of Kelly Lish's give away that she posted yesterday on her blog.

I am so fortunate to be able to choose any print from her etsy shop. Oh my, there are so many I love how can I pick just one....

The one I ended up picking is called "BEGIN"...... I thought it to be a very good symbolism with
 Kelly Rae's flying lessons.

Begin......that is what I will be doing after the course is over.

Yes, I will begin..........

Thank you so much Kelly Lish. I am one happy Girl.
ps....I also have to thank Kolleen from Kolleen's blog "Heartwingedsisters" that is where I saw Kelly's link to her blog.    Thanks Kolleen,  


  1. you are MOST welcome sweet Carol!!!

    i am so happy that you won. Kelly's art is absolutely amazing and she is pretty darn great herself. We have formed a lovely friendship through this blog world and i just love her!!!!

    i think "Begin" is a wonderful choice....great symbolism!!!

    happy happy tuesday to you

  2. You are very lucky, what a beautiful print! I look forward to following your beginning :)

  3. Thank you Carol, for all your sweet words and for posting my print! You have made my day, my week, my whole month with your sweet excitement! Love to you!

  4. Hi Carol - Congrats on your new art work (love it!)! Thanks for sharing! I'm officially following you now - this way we won't be flying away from Kelly Rae's e-course alone! Thanks for commenting on my blog too :)

  5. Hi Carol! I'm a fellow "flying" classmate and really loved reading about your journey through Kelly's class. I'm feeling many of the same things! :)

    Can you believe this wonderful experience is about to be over? So sad, but so exciting to think about starting the new journey of applying what we've learned! I'm so looking forward to seeing where everyone goes next with their dreams!!

    Take care,

  6. Hi Carol, just came by to say thank you for your endearing comments and no I don't mind at all if you use my goals... you are welcome to make them your own!
    You are such a lucky Girl... Kelly Lish's art is beautiful and you made a great choice on this piece...how lucky!!!
    Yes, the Salsa company paid me well for the mermaid art and I got to keep the Original because all they got was a license to use the Art to promote their company so it was a sweet deal! :D Patti

  7. Hi Carol! Thanx so much for stopping by and thanx for the wonderful words:O)And lucky you on winning a Kelly Lish painting!! She is awesome:O) Congrats! have a great day~ Isabel

  8. Wow! I love your blog's new look! Think I'll subscribe now.

  9. Hi Carol, I just found you and your blog-and I'm looking forward to following it! Kelly Lish is one of my favorite artists (congrats)--also Kelly Rae. I regret not taking her class--I've read alot about it on other artists' blogs. Her book is one of my all-time favorites!

  10. ah, that's great! you picked a great one for yourself-
    begin :)

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