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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Practice Run

my new favourite stamp "What I love today"
for a crocheted bracelet

I thought I better do a bit of a practice run today. I was having a bit of anxiety wondering how I was going to set up for an out door show, only having done it one other time about 10 years ago and not remembering much about it. It really did help. 

Nice Dirt bike in the background, eh!   :)
My Pink Stuff

Still have some tweeking to do (like putting on a bit of spray paint on the ugly gold shelve I bought at a flea market) but it seems to be all coming together.

Ugly gold shelf

I've officially stopped crafting today..... Cut myself off..... Done......Two more days to make lists and gather up all the necessary items........can't forget change. I keep having nightmares about that. Weird!

few little crocheted gadget bags

It's so nice having my mom (nana) here visiting again. She's one of  my biggest fans! She loves everything I make, even if she's not sure what it is, hehe!

Thanks mommsy!!!


  1. Good Luck!!! Everything looks awesome:O)

  2. Pretty and sweet is what I see! You will do fine with all your items and I like the idea of a practise run!

    Aaaadore the photo of you and mum!! Enjoy her stay and say hello frome me.
    Ciao! xox
    PS it's Adee... lol..goggle won't let me be me again...

  3. that's what moms are for! ;)

    i think you're ready!

  4. hi Carol! I was so happy to reconnect with you this morning...I LOVE your art...so creative! I am so excited about bringing your treasures as gifts to my friends in the States later this month. Looking forward to following your blog and adventures in art :)

  5. I saw you at Art In The Park and LOVED all your work! My mom and i just kept coming back again and again to purchase more of your items.