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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Count Down

Cards for Art in the Park

It's official, count down starts today. Ten days till "Art in the Park" an outdoor arts and crafts sale that I will be in. I have been busy working for the last couple of months, in between grad stuff, gardening, and of course just life in general. So of course, I have not come anywhere near what I wanted to accomplish by now, but alas, there is ten days left.

I think my biggest problem is staying focused. I tend to be scattered all over the place, with a brain full and swarming with ideas. Oh my....I think I am the best re-grouper ever. I must do it 20 times a day.

Magnet is attached to the card

I love making these cards
Tomorrow I will finish up the necklaces and earrings I've working on, then on to some more sewing.

Bottle Cap Earings

She's not so scary when she's on your ears..really

My little fairy necklaces
I have been neglecting my poor little purses and I must give them some attention. "Hold on little ones, I will see you on day 8."

a little clutch


  1. It all looks wonderful! Good luck creating what you would like to get done in the next 10 days. It always amazes me on how much can happen in the final prep days before a sale.

  2. Hi Carol, I can certainly relate to the "scattered", switching gears, etc! But as Kim says above, it is often amazing how things can come together toward the end. Hang in there - you have some fun and unusual stuff that will sell!!