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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Actually Did It!

I can't believe I have finally opened up my Etsy shop. It's 4:10 a.m. and the shop is opened! 
 I wasn't worried if I had to stay up all night to finish it. 
the name of the shop is....  

original eh?!
that's when the cart comes before the horse

crocheted bracelets in my etsy shop

I just started and I said "Self you are staying at this kitchen table until this is done, no more stalling". 
The only things is I only have 3 items for sale, hehe. 
I love those...baby steps, baby steps

There is still tons and tons of reading to do to help your shop be very successful so I will be doing that on my holiday trip to see my family in the south eastern part of British Columbia,  a beautiful little town named Fernie. 

I am planning on doing a few of the markets when I get there so I can't put too much in the Shop until after I have done those,

 (that reminds me, I have to email the lady who is in charge and sign myself up).

  I will only have a dozen things or so for sale to start so I won't
get mixed up with inventory here and there.

 Tomorrow I will take pictures and add the rest of the items.

Now the REAL organization starts.  oh  no...

To bed I will go and tomorrow will be another day.

Night to you all, or maybe I should say

"Good Morning!"


  1. Congratulations, Carol - that is a huge step!! Way to go!!!

  2. congrats! I'm just getting back from my trip to Ohio and my friends loved your cards and keychains :)

  3. Congrats on opening your Etsy shop. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

  4. This is fabulous, Carol!! Good for you for putting your wonderfulcreativetalented self out there!

    Enjoy your holiday knowing YOU are on Etsy in all of your silly madness...