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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Twenty Quilt Contest for Quilt Alliance

About 5 months ago I was reading one of my favourite Magazines "Where Women Cook" and came across an add for a Quilt contest, exhibition and auction.

My "Twenty Wonderful Words" Quilt for the contest

It was put on by a nonprofit organization called Quilt Alliance. The Theme for 2013 was “TWENTY,” a broad theme that celebrates "twenty": the numeral, the concept, the quantity, the word. 

When I saw it the thought of twenty wonderful words just popped into my head. I thought I should really do this. 
Well of course time flies by and I hum and haw. Procrastinate. Then feel guilty because I always have these great plans to do all these wonderful things and then I don't do them. 
But there was something about this that kept nagging at me. 

Ten days left before the entry deadline I headed to the sewing room to 

Three days straight I sewed and created. I loved it. Time went by so quickly.  I wouldn't have even eaten if it wasn't for my sweet daughter Megan who looked after all what needed to be looked after:) 

Thanks Sweet Megan

And so after four more days
 I finished my 
"Twenty Wonderful Words

With Three days to spare I had by quilt packaged, posted and off in the mail. 

I was so happy that I did it. 

I really needed to do this right now. Just for me. 

Yes very happy indeed.

Packaged, Posted and Mailed :)


  1. wow! What an accomplishment! And what a great contest! The power of words! Sounds like you enjoyed the process...feeding one's soul is always amazing :)

    1. Thanks Maureen. I really did enjoy the process.

  2. Carol, this is gorgeous!
    I love your words,so meaningful! Well done! ❤❤❤