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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fairies, Fairies, and More Fairies

I had such a fun couple of
 days creating some Fairy necklace and earring sets for my 
niece Alana. 
They are for her older dance students who have 
helped out with the little dancers 
while they are getting ready for their production of 
Peter Pan. 
Alana owns a dance studio that has about 
120 dancers. 
I really liked how they turned out and have decided to do a few sets for the
 Art sale I will be participating in on July 1.

Fairies in a row
Packaged and ready to mail

It's starting to look like a factory here at the 
little house on Tuxford Drive.
I have not been doing a very good job of staying focused. 
My head is swarming with ideas..... 
scrabbling with frenzy to jump out, after being harnessed
for the last 5 years.
I will indulge myself for another week
 of artistic craziness, 
then I will put it all into a somewhat organized endeavor.
Here's some pictures of a few new purses 
I put together last week.
 I'm still working out a few of the kinks, but I'm getting close.

5 x 10 inches with velvet shoulder strap
Inside of Clutch
Clutch about 4 x 9 inches with wrist strap

And last and most important of all

to all you wonderful 

My wonderful Mom
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mothers day!!!!! Those necklaces are Gorgeous!!!! You are soo talented and Love the clutches:O) I cannot sew like that. How do you get the picture so small to fit in the necklace? My pictures look real bright bc I finally figured out how to use my scanner, if the painting is small enough I scan then go on Piknik.com or Flicker or any site that you use to crop and fix pictures and crop them and post them.Its a great way to make prints and cards and anything like that because the colors are true to the painting.have an awesome day!:O)

  2. Happy Mother's Day Carol!! And to your dear mum too!!

    Gorgeous work! love it!! xox

  3. that clutch is precious!!! if i made that, i could never sell it- too cute!

  4. I am sure the dancer's will love the necklace and earring sets - they are lovely. And the purses look great...I agree with Kerri, not sure that I would be able to part with them!