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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Little Bit More

Before I start my entry today, I just want to thank all of you for your lovely comments and to let you know I appreciate them all very much.

I thought I'd post about three of my favourite exercises I did last week from the "Crafter's Devotional"

The first one is "Purse Ephemera

We were to empty out our purses, suitcases, junk drawers, etc and pick out things that you would throw out and then use them as inspiration in our art work. I grabbed some of the store cards that I don't use anymore and thought they would make an interesting canvas.

old store cards

I picked out one of the cards and put a few coats of gesso on both sides,  let it dry and then started creating. I painted both sides with a few different colours of purple. Added some decorative scrap book paper. Then finished it off with an inspirational saying using the word "Empathy" and I do believe a little goes a long way. 

Revamped store card

completed exercise added to my journal

The next one was titled "Gravestone Symbolism".  

Ya, that's what I thought, "Ok what am I going to do with this. However, once I started reading through the exercise, it all became very clear.  There were many different ways one could be creative. I chose the symbol of a bird in flight, which means "Flight of the soul" in gravestone symbolism. Leaving one life and moving forward to another, just like mine is now.

 A little bird told me, "I heard you were leaving your day job to live the life you imagined". 
And I said "Yes!"

I loved doing this picture and I can't wait to start my " Contented Journey"

The third one is "Sensory Exploration: Vision"

We were to take a walk in our yard, neighbourhood or local park and observe the colors around us.
We could capture the colours in our journals or sketchbooks, using markers or paints. I chose to do a knitting project in the colours I thought represented winter. Here's my version of the colours of "Winter", a knitted neck warmer.

Poor Rosie, she really wasn't happy modeling, but there was no one else around!

Have a creative, contented and wonderful week and don't forget to show a little empathy now and then....xo


  1. awwww Rosie is adorable!!!!:O) Love the neck warmer! So you knit? Can you suggest any good books to learn to knit? I want to learn this year:O)Thanks for visiting:O)

  2. thank you for visiting my blog. I love yours too!! Hugs from Spain!

  3. What great ideas, Carol! But that neck warmer on that adorable Rosie really made me giggle!!

    Have a beautifully wonderful creative week yourself, dahling...

  4. love the neck warmer. is it really for your dog, or was that just your model for the day?

    wow- so much creativity!

  5. Yes Rosie was just my model, it's really for me, hehe

  6. Love this - what fun activities!! I think I need a neck warmer.