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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moving Forward

This weekend I took the first step towards my next goal for this year......

The Royal Inland Craft Fair in Kamloops, BC

It was something I made myself commit to last year when I realized I wanted/needed to get back to the creative life I left so long ago.
I haven't participated in a craft show for 8 years and haven't left myself much time to prepare, so I'm a bit nervous.

I've decided to just 
"move forward and get done what I can get done
(my new mantra)

Just starting has made my weekend very productive..... 
Six more weekends like this and all will be  well!

Mixed Media using techniques from Kelly Rae's "Taking Flight"
Few original designs for Christmas decorations


  1. Carol, congratulations on committing and taking that first step - really, that's half the battle (at least!) Love your new mantra and new work!!

  2. Carol, taking the first step is half way there. I admire your courage - you go, girl!!! I love your mantra, that's wonderful!!! And I actually like your mixed media piece here - I've also learned so much from Kelly Rae's book!

  3. oh my goodness! these are WONDERFUL! i need a challenge or a goal to get me going too. you are going to do a fantastic job.

  4. Wonderful Carol,congratulations on your first step!! I love your new mantra! Is it up for grabs?..LOL! xx

  5. Way to go for making the commitment! Best of luck in getting ready for the sale. I am trying to get ready for sales in November - but making sure I enjoy the process as well! Keep up the great work!

  6. oh, that's a great mantra because it would keep me from waiting for everything to be perfect (which it never is!)

  7. It's been nearly a month since you started getting ready for the
    The Royal Inland Craft Fair in Kamloops, BC
    How is it going? When is the fair?
    Hope you are mmoving along smopothly and productively!

  8. so so cute! you are going to feel like you are coming home at the craft fair-can't wait to hear how you wowwed them!