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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Next Half A Century

I'm back and ready to take this journey. I've done lots of reading, contemplating and visualizing since my last post. My problem........where to start. Being a crafter of everything and being immersed in the work force in a full time office job for the last 4 years has left my creative juices overflowing into to no man's land. I've realized my creative side cannot lie dormant any longer. It's time to take my creative soul and set off again on that adventure.
So......with a little family discussion and the fact that I have been knitting tons of toques for the numerous babies that have been born by family and friends, I've decided to make that my main focus. Toques, toques and more toques. Lots of different kinds of toques.
I will be selling them in the upcoming Christmas Arts and Craft Show. I've knit about 75 little toques so far. Some I have given for gifts, a few I've sold and the rest are tucked away until they find new homes.
Most of the toques I make now are my own design and patterns. I start, then I finish. I never quite know how they will end up. I'll be posting some of them over the next few days. I'm hoping to have some kits and patterns to sell in the future but for now I'll just be knitting up new little friends for new homes..........


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